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Allgemeine-SS Officer Black Visor Cap (fake leather)
USD$140 USD$110
Ex Tax: USD$110
Baverian Officers Pickelhaube Helmet (Toy)
Size:Free Size This Helmet is made by plastic,toy only!1:1 size replica of the orginal size  ..
USD$90 USD$60
Ex Tax: USD$60
First World War German Navy Officer's Visor Cap
USD$160 USD$120
Ex Tax: USD$120
German Army EM M43 Grey Wool Field Cap
USD$60 USD$29
Ex Tax: USD$29
German Army EM Panzer M43 Black Wool Field Cap
USD$60 USD$29
Ex Tax: USD$29
German Wehrmacht/SS M43 Green wool Field Cap(Einheitsmütze)
The M43 field cap or "Einheitsmütze" was a cap used by the German Wehrmacht and SS, d..
USD$50 USD$29
Ex Tax: USD$29
German WWI NCO Cap of the Infantry Regiments
USD$180 USD$99
Ex Tax: USD$99
German WWII Heer Artillery Officer Visor Cap
Made of tricot/gabardine as the original  Cowhide sweatband  High quality rayon lining ..
USD$150 USD$107
Ex Tax: USD$107
German WWII SS Officer Black Visor Cap
Silver piped with gold SS runes in sweat diamond . Black velvet band, silver wash skull and eagle in..
USD$150 USD$117
Ex Tax: USD$117
German WWII Waffen SS Visor Cap
Silver piping for Waffen-SS General. Hat Cord in Silver, "Stein Grau" soft wool Feature..
USD$150 USD$120
Ex Tax: USD$120
Heer offizier gebirgsjäger schirmmütze (Officers Visor Cap)
USD$180 USD$130
Ex Tax: USD$130
Heer Panzer Grenadier Officer Peak Visor Cap
USD$180 USD$120
Ex Tax: USD$120
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