German Marschallstab

A little-known but highly significant military symbol of Germany and the Third Reich was the personalized Marshal’s baton, a short, heavy, bejeweled emblem of authority carried only by Field Marshals (Generalfeldmarschall) of the Army (Heer) and Air Force (Luftwaffe) and Grand Admirals (Großadmiral) of the Navy (Kriegsmarine). 

These were the highest military ranks in Germany until the creation in July 1940 of the rank of Reichsmarschall for Hermann Göring. The Reichsmarshal position came with its own baton, making Göring the sole possessor of two batons. (Göring had received hisLuftwaffe Field Marshal’s baton in 1938.)

In all, only 26 batons were awarded to 25 individuals (again, 2 to Hermann Göring): 1 Reichsmarshal baton, 18 Army batons, 5 Air Force batons, and 2 Navy batons.  As a consequence, the number of batons and the number of baton holders do not match exactly. In addition, three field marshals did not receive batons.

Following the 1945 destruction of Germany, the rank of Field Marshal was abolished.


The baton possessed a magical, archaic, symbolic quality extending beyond the merely ceremonial or ornamental.

Following is some grainy newsreel footage of Hitler awarding several new batons, including Hermann Göring’s second, Reichsmarshal’s, baton. The Reichsmarshal can be seen studying his new diamond-studded ivory, gold, and platinum baton with unconcealed pride.

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Field Marshal Baton for Erhard Milch (Marschallstab)
Erhard Milch (30 March 1892 – 25 January 1972) was a German field marshal who oversaw the development of the Luftwaffe as part of the re-armament of Nazi Germany following World War I. During World War II, he was in charge of aircraft production; his ineffective management resulted in the …
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Field Marshal Baton for Erwin Rommel (Marschallstab)
Exact Replica of Field Marshal's Service Baton. An exact reproduction of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel's service baton, with incredible attention to detail. Features: Full size,length 50cm, Aluminum center tube in diameter 3.5cm, Bright red velvet covered tube bearing 20 gold plated eagles and …
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Field Marshal Baton for Reinhard Heydrich (Marschallstab)
Reinhard Tristan Eugen Heydrich (German: [ˈʁaɪnhaʁt ˈtʁɪstan ˈɔʏɡn̩ ˈhaɪdʁɪç] ) (7 March 1904 – 4 June 1942) was a high-ranking German Nazi official during World War II, and one of the main architects of the Holocaust. He was SS-Obergruppenführer und General der Polizei (Senior …
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German WW2 Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton
WW2 German Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton Every newly-promoted Generalfeldmarschall or Großadmiral was presented with two batons: the primary, heavily jewelled, highly valuable baton and a so-called Interim Baton (Interimsstab) for everyday use, which, though less …
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