German WW2 Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton

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German WW2 Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton

WW2 German Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton

Every newly-promoted Generalfeldmarschall or Großadmiral was presented with two batons: the primary, heavily jewelled, highly valuable baton and a so-called Interim Baton (Interimsstab) for everyday use, which, though less expensive, was far from cheap. Interim batons served as emblems of rank for everyday use to save wear and tear on the delicate, vulnerable, and costly ceremonial batons.

This is a high quality reproduction of the Interim Baton used by Generalfeldmarschalls Rommel, Manstein and Rundstedt. This baton benefits from a high quality finish, particularly the head of the piece. The batons have a wooden shaft and are made to the full size specifications. The head of the baton is adorned with one larger German eagle, flanked by two smaller wehrmacht eagles along with an iron cross emblem, and it comes with interchangable rings for Rommel, Manstein and Rundstedt (deliver Rommel's name ring by default or contact us to select which name you want). Just below the head of the baton is an eyelet to which a silver, black and red cord with a tassel is attached.

A very high quality piece, this baton comes with a presentation box bearing the name 'Meine Ehre heisst Treue' which means My Honour is Loyalty.

This WW2 German Fieldmarshall Interimstab Baton is a must for reenactors or collectors alike. You will not be disappointed.

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