Replica of Aircraft Destruction Badge in Gold (WWII German Badges) for Sale (by

Replica of Aircraft Destruction Badge in Gold

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Aircraft Destruction Badge in Gold

Forman calls it “Special Badge for Shooting Down Low Flying Aircraft”, shows an image of a post 1945 award & relates “Doubtful if badges were awarded except on paper.” In the case of the gold version, Angolia claims “the badge was a gold aeroplane on a gold band bearing two parallel black strips.” Detlev also describes the gold as having a “gilded iron sheet metal (aircraft) on golden braid...” and goes on to state “There is as yet no evidence that the badge was ever officially produced or awarded.”

The award criteria brings to mind a scene in George C. Scott’s portrayal of Patton where he stands in the street (somewhere in northern Africa plugging away with his ivory handled pistol at straffing Luftwaffe aircraft. Perhaps they should’ve awarded him one; alas, wrong army. 

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