Germanic Proficiency Runes in Bronze (German: Germanische Leistungsrune)

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Germanic Proficiency Runes in Bronze (German: Germanische Leistungsrune)

The Germanic Proficiency Runes (German: Germanische Leistungsrune) was a decoration of the German SS, issued as a type of sports badge to members of the Germanic-SS. In many ways, the badge was similar to the SA Sports Badge and the German Sports Badge, but was intended to be awarded solely to non-German members of the Germanic-SS who were serving the SS in countries under Nazi occupation. A short lived predecessor to the Germanic Proficiency Runes was the rare SS Sports Badge.

The award was issued in a bronze and silver grade, depending on the physical prowess displayed by the person so awarded. Very few Germanic Proficiency Rune badges survived World War II, most often since they were destroyed to avoid the holders from being identified as Nazi collaborators.

In the film Inglourious Basterds, the character of Hans Landa, who is Austrian prominently displays the Germanic Proficiency Runes badge, even though for an SD Colonel to possess the award would have been highly unusual.

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