Replica of DRL Sport Badge in Silver (Party & Sport Badges) for Sale (by
Replica of DRL Sport Badge in Silver (Party & Sport Badges) for Sale (by

Replica of DRL Sport Badge in Silver

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DRL Sport Badge in Silver

Here is the repro version of the Silver Grade DRL Sport Badge


a litte information about Silver Grade DRL Sport Badge:

Hitler wanted all Germans to qualify for this award. The DRL Sports Badge replaced the DRA Sports Badge in 1937 with the addition of the swastika. The badge was awarded in three grades: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The German Sports Badge was overshadowed by an almost identical decoration, the SA Sports Badge issued by the Nazi Party. The SA Sports Badge and German Sports Badge could both be earned and worn simultaneously. The SS considered the German Sports Badge of particular importance. The decoration was one of nine awards which were listed on the front of all SS service records with qualification dates. Regulations of the Allgemeine-SS required a candidate to qualify for both the German Sports Badge and the SA Sports Badge during a six month probationary period upon joining the SS.

The Bronze: men or women 18-32 yrs old had to pass five rigorous physical strength and endurance tests in Swimming, Jumping, Running, Shot Put, and Speed within a 12 month period. For example, the speed test for men: run 10,911 yards in 50 minutes, or swim 1,091 yards in 29 minutes, or cycle 12.5 miles in 45 minutes.

The Silver: the recipient of the bronze had to pass the same test for an additional 8 years. Or if they were 32 to 40 years old, pass the five part physical test within 12 months.

The Gold: recipients of the Silver had to pass the five physical tests for an additional seven consecutive years. Or if they were over 40, pass the five tests within 12 months.

The DRL War Disabled Badge: instituted on Nov 18 1942, for members of the armed forces who "in spite of considerable disability managed to attain the average level of proficiency in the performance of the tests for those with that type of disability." For this badge, the "DRL" is silver but the wreath and swastika are gold.

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